Raziyeh Gheshlaghi

Tehran, July 1986

M.S Marketing Management

B.S Accounting

Starting a job has a specific story behind for each person! I was thinking to work and have activities in my major field as I started studying accounting in the university. after a while I have started to look for a job and I have managed to find a job in a company as an accountant. My life was fulfilled with art, photography and music before I have started to work. After few years and gaining sufficient acknowledgement in the field of management and accounting I have applied for M.S in Marketing management  and my professional activities continued by my presence in board of directors of companies and being as CEO in Bahar Communication Village Co. . The most important thing that I have been following up was my short-term and long-term goals all these years. Now I have membership on Tax Dispute Resolution Board and I am always looking for new ways to improve in the field of my work and I am extending this fields to related scopes.


Financial  and accounting manager and of several companies

Member of the Tax Dispute Resolution Board

Chief Executive Officer of Hakiman  Eghlim Company

Dehkade Ertebete Bahar CEO 

Financial Director of Tehran Sakkoo Co.

Secretary of the Tax Working Group


Baharbazar is the most comprehensive Iranian website that has helped to improve the online services by creating a set of efficient and reliable websites. Our colleagues at different departments of Baharbazar are always looking for the best businesses and updating their information so that customers and users of the Baharbazar website can get the best service with the highest quality and most comprehensive information. The main areas of our activity are advertising and online marketing, introduction of business in the field of various industries, accounting, financial and tax services and special and highly promotional promotions. Baharbazar R & D team has been able to create a platform with a strong background of knowledge and technology so that all users of the Baharbazar website will be unnecessary from other Iranian and non-Iranian sites.



Bahrtax is a collection of highly experienced and at the same time most up-to-date individuals and information for advice, services and management, finance, tax, labor and social security, accounting, accounting and auditing, and educational and software. All companies need advisers and experts in the field, in order to be able to deal with their main activities without any ambiguity. The full confidence of the managers with the financial, tax and accounting departments, etc., can help them perfectly understand and complete their efforts, all the efforts of our specialists and our staff to achieve this full confidence and achieve the goals are more valuable.




In all the years of work in management, accounting, different types of financial consultations, etc. , and collaboration with different firms, I have acquired a lot of experience in accounting, and I have always tried to not to avoid academic and academic activities, and in this respect, knowledge has always been my main priority.

After a few years, I started hiring accounting students and tried to provide me with the field of professional activity as I was taught at student time in the field, where active and dynamic students can come in the right place to learn and gain experience in our work environment. I am now preparing a codified and detailed plan for teaching accounting, taxation and finance at all levels so that I can play a role in teaching accounting with innovative and practical approaches to academic education.


Our services in accounting, taxation, work and social, financial, software, management and registration have a wide range that is summarized as follows. Also, we are always eager to find new fields in my areas of work.

Online Services :

Website Design for companies

Types of advertising and online trade

Conducting Startups

Administrative :

Administrative and managerial consultation

Develop specialized managerial reports

Accounting :

Accounting documents

Set and submit quarterly deals

Set and submit added value statement

Set and submit performance statement

Preparation, setting and sending insurance lists

Send payroll tax list

Education and supply of accounting

Sending experts and related consultant

Tax :

Tax counseling

Tax accounting guidance

Regulation of tax defense bill

Value-added services

Obtaining a tax account

Working and social security :

Working law

Social security insurance

Human resource management


Preparation and tuning of financial statements

Financial ratios analysis

Consulting and monitoring the financial unit of the legal person

Provision for mid – term and mid – term financial reports

Financial – related services


Installation, launch and implementation of financial systems

Installation, launch and implementation of accounting and tax applications

Website design

Accounting Training

Registration :

Company registration and legal offices

Brand records and brand symboles


Laboratory Furniture :

Types of consultations, design and implementation of laboratories, clean rooms, etc.


The TehranSakkoo Company, whose foundation has been established by the laboratory of laboratory fixed – proof laboratory equipment before the revolution and has already begun operations as a parent company in Iran, has already provided more than 300 laboratories with more than 3, 000 laboratories at the Iranian level, and now these activities are currently being developed by the TehranSakkoo Company of Scholars such as well – established standards and standards. I organize and manage the finance of all finance and finance as the financial manager, and from the beginning of my presence there was a very excellent starting point for me.


Customers and companies that I owned all of the financial, accounting and tax and even management activities were the manufacturing firms, guilds and businesses of knowledge firms. The wide range of these firms has expanded my business domain in my business area and to obtain new information.


  1. What is the difference between taxes and taxes on performance?

Abstract tax is a part of the income tax on the income of persons whose task is deducted and its payments are paid according to relevant legal decrees in some income tax sources.

The performance tax, which is also known from its name, has to be calculated and recorded by 25 % of the firm’s net profits as the performance tax is calculated.



Photography and filming and editing

Designing and painting



Catherine Pander

Law of attraction (secret)


Mountain Climbing


Read good books






Management and management and financial management and management

Photography and video recording

Compilation and mixing

Designing and painting

Advertising and marketing marketing management




riding bike


Studying and updating information with regard to this volume of knowledge and technology progress is now one of my most important priorities; as a result I have always tried to link myself to the wonderful world of books and new information. My interest in the field of education and my career, which comes from priorities, is related to the books of psychology, philosophy, literature, and art. Here’s a brief list of my proposed books:


2.Khalil Jabran Books


4.Wealth Law



There is always some disagreement with the existence of new theories, and I don’t try to change anyone’s opinion on the field. As to the Law of Attraction and positive energy, I strongly believe in these cases and I tried to enjoy the positive thoughts, behaviors, and overall life of my life and make it the most beautiful shape.




I was born in Tehran, but I have never forgotten my father’s birthplace, and I have always loved nature and its beauties, and is proud of this culture and civilization. Golpayegan is located between Aligoodarz, Najafabad, Khomein  and 352Km from Tehran and 200 miles northwest of Esfahan. The centre of the central mountains and the river of Ghebleh, which rises from the southern mountains of Khansar, passes through the Golpayegan. Golpayegan  is a city of ancient culture and originally named, ( Red Flower Land ).

دکتر فضل الله اکبری گلپایگانی نخستین استاد حسابداری در ایران

Dr. Fazlullah Akbari (the father of the Iranian Accounting Association) is from Golpayegan and his birthplace is the city.

nila mohammadi nejhad

Accounting Associate

S.Morteza Miri

Tax expert, manager

mahbube gheshlaghi

Office expert

mehdi eftekhari

Tax expert
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